Omni Hotel | Louisville, KY | May 24th-26th





Owning a group practice is NOT for the faint of heart. 

It is hard. 

We’ll say it one more time in case you weren’t totally tuned in. Group Practice: owning, operating, staffing, bankrolling — all the things — IS HARD!

But there is good news. Kasey and her crew (that's us!), we know that! We understand that. Why? Because we live that. Working with practices across North America since 2017 has exposed us to all the hiccups and hangups practice owners face in the healthcare industry. 

And guess what — We have SOLUTIONS. 

We bring them ALL to you at our annual Meet You in Kentucky conference coming to Louisville, Kentucky May 24-26, 2023.

Tickets & Upgrades

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  • Access to the conference, including workshops and presentations for marketing, scaling, systems, and hiring

  • All the content: processes, downloads, outlines and samples, and tons of bonuses

  • Invitation to the Meet & Greet where you can mingle and network 

  • Swag Pack full of goodies


Work Wife Add On


Get a ticket for your plus one!

  • Equal access to the MYIK conference for your plus one
  • Double your learning opportunities
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Keynote & Speakers

Mike Michalowicz, Author, Keynote Speaker

In this brand-spankin' new keynote, Mike shares his latest research on Recruiting, Retaining, and elevating the bar for all employees. As practice owners, we are constantly facing the dilemma of hiring. We always need more! Providers are hard to keep, especially when they have so many options in the field. Mike has discovered an untapped and proven process for getting the best talent with the least effort AND increasing all candidates' value in the process — meaning even if you don't hire them, they will come out of the process stronger. Mike connects with healthcare entrepreneurs because of the solid behavioral research that drives psychological ownership in all organizations.

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Kasey Compton,

Author, Speaker, Business Coach 


Topic: Leveraging Your Linchpin - What To Do When Key Employees Leave, and HOW to Do It

Michael Diettrich-Chastain,

Author, Speaker, Leadership Coach

Topic: The Lucrative Leader - 3 Keys to Peak Performing Leadership

Susie deVille,

Author, Speaker, Business Coach, 

Topic: (via a virtual, pre-conference session on May 11th) Inspired Creativity + Strategic Alignment = Unlimited Possibilities

Lindsay Keisman,

Business Coach and Leadership Consultant

Topic: Parts work in leadership: Finding the parts that pop up in your role as a leader

Julie Herres,

Accountant, Owner of GreenOak Accounting, and Author 


Topic: Profit First for Therapists

Mary Cravets,

Client Generation Expert and Speaker 

Topic: Magnetize Your Messaging: How to Explain What You do to Attract New Clients Faster

Kerry-Ann T. Powell,

Speaker and Business Strategist 

Topic: Scale Vs Growth: The Balancing Act of Scaling Your Business Within Your and Your Team's Capacity

David Frank,

Financial Planner, Owner of Turning Point Financial

Topic: The 6 Financial Planning Fundamentals for Large GPOs

Uriah Guilford,

Creator of the Productive Therapist 


Topic: How to Grow Your Group Practice While Working 10 Hours Less Every Week

Whitney Owens,

Faith-Based Private Practice Consultant 


Topic: Using the Enneagram to Systemize and Grow your Team


Christy Pennison,

Mental Health Business Consultant 

Topic: Dream It. Write It. Do It: A Systemized Approach to Making Any Big Goal a Reality

Steve Keck,
Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist

Topic: Mergers and Acquisitions; How & When to Sell, or Create a Plan to Get There

Lisa Marie Robinson,

The Sassy Wealth Coach


Topic: Discover and Rewrite The Money Stories That Hold You Back 

Gordon Brewer,
The Practice of Therapy Podcast Host

Topic: How to Diversify Your Incomes Streams through Podcasting and Course Creation

Valarie L. Harris,
Founder & Clinical Director of Trauma & Therapy Center of TN

Topic: Attachment-Based Leadership Styles

Mary Lou Casada,

Life Coach, Course Creator, Speaker

Topic: Daily Do's To Prevent Burnout


Carrie Haynes,

Groups Consultant and Podcaster

Topic: The Surprising Magic of Groups: Increased Staff Retention, Practice Income and Client Satisfaction

Shanaci Cook,

Practice Owner, Speaker


Topic: Stop the Excuses and Get Stuff Done


Chris "Rhino" Swenson,

Author, Speaker, Practice Owner 

Topic: AWAKEN YOUR INNER RHINO: How Practice Owners can Survive and Thrive in the Face of Adversity

Dawn Gabriel,

Podcaster and Consultant 


Topic: Soul Care for Therapists - A Spiritual Approach to Prevent Burnout


Rachel Harrison,

Practice Owner, EMDR Coach & Consultant 


Topic: Leading Through Trauma...and Coming Out Stronger!


The Receptionist


The Receptionist for iPad is a digital check-in system used by more than 5,500 businesses worldwide, many of which are in the behavioral and mental health private practice space. The system offers a discrete, stress-free way for clients to check in for their appointments and for the practitioner to be notified with their next appointment has arrived.

HR Affiliates

We believe the most important part of running a successful company is having a strong focus on employees. It’s about finding the right staff, paying them appropriately, offering the right benefits, making them feel safe, and following the countless regulations. Not because it’s an obligation, but because it’s the right thing to do. And helping you do the right thing is what drives us. We want your business to reap the benefits of our expertise and from that the benefits of putting people first. We want your employees to trust you, embody your values and thrive in your company culture. We want your customers to feel the end result of an engaged and productive staff. And we want you to be able to focus on doing what you do best. 

GreenOak Accounting

At GreenOak Accounting, we're a team of accountants, tax professionals and bookkeepers that specialize in helping private practice owners. We have worked with hundreds of clients throughout the United States to help them reach their financial goals. Our team can help you gain a better understanding of your business finances, so you can focus on what matters most—your clients.

Turning Point Planning

Turning Point Financial Life Planning helps therapists navigate every element of their financial lives: from understanding your practice P&L and building a personal budget to managing student loan debt and investing for retirement... and everything in between.



Five Talents Financial Group

Five Talents Financial Group provides companies and business owners with expert mergers and acquisitions and business transfer advisory services in order to effectively achieve their goals in a timely and ethical manner.

Selling your business is likely the largest financial transaction you will ever make. Let us help you make sure it's done right.

Leading Your Practice

Leading Your Practice helps group practice owners start, scale, and lead their businesses by designing, implementing, and learning proven leadership and business strategies.



Practice Axis

Practice Axis is a HIPAA compliant CRM tailored to mental health therapists that enables data-driven growth and saves care coordinators an average of 10 hrs per week so that clients sit on waitlists for less time.



Productive Therapist


Productive Therapist helps therapists in private practice get more done, so they can have more fun. We provide world-class virtual assistant services to handle your phones, scheduling, general admin tasks and more. We also offer training and coaching to help group practice owners and their admin staff level up.




Navigator Bookkeeping


Navigator Bookkeeping is a bookkeeping agency dedicated to supporting you and your group practice. We want you to be fully aware of your practice's financial story at all times, ready to use that knowledge to inform where your business goes, how and when you hire, and how to maximize your profitability.Curious about which clinicians or locations in your practice are most profitable? Not sure how much to save for year-end or estimated taxes? Stressed about when to pay yourself or when to hire? These are just a few of the questions we help our clients answer each month during our monthly review meetings.


Simplified SEO Consulting


Simplified SEO Consulting understands what it’s like to grow a private practice and the role a well-optimized website can play. Their team of mental health SEO specialists have helped hundreds of private practice owners build their practices and reach more clients through SEO. They offer a range of services to fit your unique needs as a practice, including online courses, training programs, and "done for you" services too. Their team can help you get to the top of search engines, so you connect with more of your ideal clients! 

The Sassy Wealth Coach, LLC 

Lisa Marie Robinson is best known as the Sassy Wealth Coach with over 20 years of experience in accounting, helping women manage their money with confidence, to feel empowered. After surviving a tumultuous childhood filled with addiction, theft, and violence, her mission is to help women break free from poverty, struggle, and pain. She teaches her clients how to take control of their finances and make mindful decisions that fuel growth and prosperity.

When she started her business, she wanted to turn the financial pain and chaos she experienced into prosperity and purpose. She ditched the victim mentality, changed her story and created the life she knew she deserved. Today, as a speaker she shares her story and teaches others how money mindset and money management go hand in hand.


Enjoy a transformational, unified workflow experience with synchronized information accessible across all roles of your practice. Our complete suite of smart applications improves productivity and reduces data entry.

Practice Management
Everything to manage the business side of your practice: intuitive user interface, integrated workflow, and a full suite of medical office software automation tools designed for a positive front desk experience and to increase cash flow.

Electronic Health Records
Your ideal care workflow in a paperless environment with anywhere, anytime access to all patients and health histories. Improve clinical accuracy and outcomes with unified data across our entire software suite.

Trauma Specialists Training Institute

Trauma Specialists Training Institute exist for therapists who want to be able to do more with their clients. If you have ever been in a session and felt like you needed more tools or training to be able to actually treat the trauma your clients are experiencing, instead of just talking about it, we know how you feel!

We want to train every therapist to effectively treat trauma in their clients. The need for excellent trauma therapists is only growing. We are passionate about training you to be the best trauma therapist you can be!


The Practice of Therapy and the PsychCraft Network

L. Gordon Brewer, Jr., MEd, LMFT therapist | podcaster | trainer | speaker | writer is a licensed marital and family therapist and an AAMFT Approved Supervisor.

Gordon is the person behind The Practice of Therapy Podcast. The Practice of Therapy provides information and resources for clinicians starting, growing or scaling private practices.

Gordon started The PsychCraft Network of Podcasts in 2022, along with a new podcast, The Kindness & Compassion Podcast, that explores the intersection of psychology, science and spirituality to create more kindness and compassion in the world.




Therapy Flow unlocks the door to simple, sustainable client acquisition. Last year, the Therapy Flow team worked with over 200 practices in their flagship program, using their 7-figure practice flow. This flow gives group practices step-by-step systems for their marketing, sales, and recruitment as they scale to 7-figures and beyond.

Should a practice scale marketing or hire more clinicians first? What does sustainable marketing for more cash-pay clients look like? How does an owner prioritize and implement new things into their practice? In Their Flagship done-with-you program, Therapy Flow drives clarity into your questions, build sustainable marketing, create a value-driven sales process, and implement systems that help you run your practice instead of your practice run you.