Our ALL-NEW Gold Partner Program is designed to take you on the most rewarding journey — the journey to meet your goals. You pick the destination and we'll design a roadmap to help you get there!



The Gold Partnership is designed to be a year-long high-touch, high-impact program for practice owners who are ready to meet their benchmarks. Our team will meet with you to gather information on your goals and create an individualized plan to help you achieve the growth you desire.

individual + group coaching

Your 1:1 monthly consulting call along with one small group coaching opportunity to help you stabilize and scale your practice at a rapid pace with a clear goal in sight. This is an excellent cost-effective option to get the support you need and the advantage you deserve!

content + downloads

Who doesn't like content? No one! As a Gold Partner, you will have instant access to A TON of downloadable content, not to mention new content added regularly! Enjoy quick tutorials on all things private practice as well as courses to help you scale your practice!

free event tickets

Gold Partners get a ticket to Meet You In Kentucky, a mini-conference event that we host annually. This ticket sells for $1800-$2500 and as a Gold Member, you get it for FREE!

va + call discounts

One of the most utilized offerings in Mindsight Partners is our member's access to discounted Virtual Assistant services and Consulting Calls! When you find yourself in need of a little extra support, these two services are perfection!

facebook community

We want you to be a part of our online community. Here you will meet other business owners who are looking to achieve the same goals as you! Our membership community is the most supportive, responsive, and action-oriented of any we've ever seen. 

online courses

We are hyper focused on developing courses to help group practice owners grow their businesses in an accelerated way. And not just for you, but for your TEAM! As a Gold Member you will receive special discounts on these courses, and many of them will even be FREE!

urgent consulting calls

Every now and then we have a business-related issue that can't wait for week or more before you can get a call scheduled. These calls can be booked in less than 24 hours and are only available to Mindsight Partners!


There's nothing like working with my Gold Partners! Between our monthly individual consulting calls and our small group coaching, I really get to know these practice owners on a deeper level. Take a moment, watch the video, and learn more!


I would love help you grow your practice!








We have some amazing Outsourcing services that our Mindsight Partners have access to. Check some of the most popular ones out below!

Monthly content creation will help take your social media game to the next level. Highlight your team, promote a service, whatever you want! Increase your reach, your engagements and your brand awareness with 25 customized posts monthly, with one round of edits!

Want our social media experts to not only create your content, but post on two platforms? How about engage with your followers to increase your reach and optimize your rankings? Social media is a perfect way to enhance that long game!

Hands-down one of our most desired services. Our Client Care Coordinator, Bubbly Britany, is our most requested expert. She has worked in conjunction with Mindsight to build a referral/intake system that can't be beat. She can help you make this a staple in your practice!


What if we told you that as a Gold Partner you have instant access to over 100 Downloads? Everything from Administrative, Intake, Clinical, Hiring, Onboarding, Client Care Coordination, Marketing, and MORE! What if we told you that the downloads alone were worth over $500 and you can have them all AND monthly group and individual coaching for just $747?


Family Connections Therapy | Cathy Himlin, Gold Partner

"Kasey is a genius!!!" Cathy announces weekly on social media! While Kasey would never claim to be anything close to a genius, she does work hard to help her clients achieve success!

What are you waiting for?

Let's not waste any more time. Partner with us, join me for monthly individual AND group coaching. For just $747/month you get a custom plan to help you reach your goals AND all of our systems, duplicate our processes, and scale your practice!

We Help You Take Back Your Time!

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