Our ALL NEW Gold Partner Program is designed to take you on the most rewarding journey — the journey to meet your goals. You pick the destination and we'll design a roadmap to help you get there!

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You're Tired of DIY

Group practice is not for the faint of heart. You need 1:1 support, systems advice, and a team to help you get where you want to go.  AND you want to do it without all the hassle. Mindsight Partners Gold is a one-stop shop. My team and I help our client reach big goals in their practice and beyond — adding additional revenue streams, systemizing for a four-week vacation, getting rid of the constant cycle of stress and worry. 

Get off the merry-go-round and make real progress in GOLD!

Get off the merry-go-round!


The Gold Partnership is designed to be a year-long high-touch, high-impact program for practice owners who are ready to meet their benchmarks. This program is highly customizable so you can achieve the exact result you're aiming for. Looking to stabilize your business, scale rapidly, step away entirely, or start something brand new? Gold is the place for you!

1:1 and group coaching

Your 1:1 monthly consulting calls with Kasey and Team Mindsight, along with one small group coaching opportunity, help you stabilize and scale your practice at a rapid pace with a clear goal in sight. This is an excellent cost-effective option to get the support you need and the advantage you deserve!

1:1 coaching with Team Mindsight

This offering is brand new in 2023! When you need a little 1:1 attention to help you complete a project, get through a sticky situation, or learn a brand new skill, having an expert on hand can be invaluable! That's why Team Mindsight is now taking monthly 1:1 calls with all Gold Partners! Rather have your team learn from mine? This call can be used for that as well!

content + downloads

Who doesn't like content? No one! As a Gold Partner, you will have instant access to A TON of downloadable content, not to mention new content added regularly! Enjoy quick tutorials on all things private practice as well as courses to help you scale your practice!

free event tickets

All Gold Partners are guaranteed a base ticket to Meet You In Kentucky, a conference event that we host annually in the beautiful Bluegrass State. This ticket sells for $950+, and as a Gold Member, you get it for FREE! Additionally, here is an exclusive invitation to meet up with other Silver & Gold Members each fall in Kasey's home!

facebook community

We want you to be a part of our online community. Here you will meet other business owners who are looking to achieve the same goals as you! Our membership community is the most supportive, responsive, and action-oriented of any we've ever seen. 

online courses

We are hyper focused on developing courses to help group practice owners grow their businesses in an accelerated way. And not just for you, but for your TEAM! As a Gold Member you will receive special discounts on these courses, and many of them will even be FREE!

urgent consulting calls

Every now and then we have a business-related issue that can't wait for week or more before you can get a call scheduled. These calls can be booked in less than 24 hours and are only available to Gold Partners!

The 12-Month Commitment

 There was a time when Gold Partners were on a month-to-month status, like Bronze. We made this change and required all new Gold Partners to commit to a 12-month progress for one big reason: We can help you reach any practice goal you have, we just need the time to do it, and do it right. In our year-long program, we can help you dig into any problem, question, or project, and make it into something exciting — with strong systems, a plan to move forward, and a scalable foundation for any future growth!

Find the Consultant Who's Right For You!

Kasey Specializes In...

  • Establishing Stability in Practice Through Profit
  • Creating & Optimizing Systems
  • Efficiency in Operations
  • Helping People Overcome Their Fear of the Numbers
  • Creating Alternate Revenue Streams
  • Fix This Next for Healthcare Provider Methodology
Join Gold with Kasey for $8217/year

Sam Specializes in...

  • Growth (Systems) by Inclusion and LGBTQIA+ Competency
  • Improving and Maintaining Company Culture
  • Recruitment Strategies for Growth
  • Addition of Benefits and Compensation Structures
  • New Group Practice Startup
  • Run Like Clockwork Graduate
  • Internship Program Development
  • Targeting Group Practice Owners Who Suffer From Chronic Illness
Join Gold with Sam for $6578/year

Kelly Specializes In...

  • Building Mentor Relationships with Direct Reports
  • Leadership
  • Creating Systems in Practice
  • HR & Employee Issues
  • Client Care
  • Start Up Group Practices and Small Group Practices
Join Gold with Kelly for $6578/year

Kim Specializes in...

  •  Helping practice owners expand into multi-specialty practices
  • Helping multi-owner practices leveraging their strengths and zones of genius
  • Helping to launch multi-location practices while maintaining authenticity
  • Forging MOUs and contracts
  • Providing mental health services in schools and physician offices
Join Gold with Kim for $6578/year

What Our Gold Members Are Saying

BONUS of Going Gold!

Small, Intimate Annual Retreat at Kasey House in Kentucky! No other coaching programs offer this kind of high-touch system and team support! Join now, and let's start making big moves in your practice!

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