Our Mission:


All the perks of in-house private practice professionals without the overhead. 

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We Feel Your Pain

You’re a practice owner that wants success but you’re unsure how to get there.

Sometimes the “business part” just feels so big and confusing. There are so many different options, roadblocks, and barriers to overcome.

Without the help of an expert team your practice is not living up to its potential.


Our Impact

We are here to bring support and peace-of-mind in your practice!

When you become a partner we can support you in growing your business. We want you to operate with the support of a large, fully-staffed company on a private practice budget. 

Have all the perks of in-house professionals without the payroll overhead.  When the business is stretched too thin, when things go haywire, when you have questions and no one to listen, our team of over 15 experts are here to guide you to peace and resolution. 



CORE systems in practice

We believe most practices have five core systems: Hiring & Onboarding, Billing, Clinical, Intake & Referrals , and Office Management & Financials. We specialize in all five!



unique offerings

Mindsight Partners is a support service that helps you to scale and sustain your practice. We have over twelve unique offerings within our membership program.



experts in our group

We have over fifteen experts in Mindsight Partners that have years of daily experience with each core system in a practice. We are all here to provide comprehensive support.


How We’re Different

In a nutshell, here is what we do. We have gathered our ENTIRE team at Mindsight Behavioral Group to support practices outside of our company. Help without the overhead. We love Mindsight and we’re proud of the success we’ve achieved. We want to help others take shortcuts, avoid problems and overcome barriers.


systems-focused virtual assistants

exclusive access to facebook community

Cutting-edge content




vip discounts to consulting calls

Individual mentor support




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JUne 2019

Kasey and Mindsight Partners are incredible. As a group practice owner your time is money and this group is at the top of their game. I would highly recommend any group practice owner to be a part of this community.

Katie Englert, LPCC / Compass Counseling



Here’s How it Works


Pick the level that is right for your practice. Choose between Gold, Silver and Bronze. Click any of the Partner with Us buttons to pay for your membership. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your membership at any time.


You’ll receive instructions on how to access your Members Only page. Here you will find all of your perks including links for exclusive Q&As, Zoom meetings, coaching sessions, and discounted consulting and virtual assistant services.


Start getting support! It’s really that simple. Once you subscribe and receive your access, you will begin getting instant support through our Facebook community. Depending on your level of partnership, you’ll receive call links for your individual mentor so you can set up those calls right away!

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one + two | Choose Your Level


gold partnership | $549/m

Comprehensive practice support using an integrated team approach to meet the needs of all group practices. Includes access to the Facebook Community, individual mentor support, Learning & Leadership program, weekly dripped content via email, interactive newsletter, training and courses, monthly Q&A with experts, cross promotion, free monthly social media content, discounted consulting calls and FREE Meet You in KY Ticket!

Silver partnership | $249/M

All the essentials needed to support and scale your practice at the pace that's just right for you. Includes access to the Facebook Community, individual mentor support, Learning & Leadership program, weekly dripped content via email, interactive newsletter, training and courses, monthly Q&A with expert, and cross promotion!

bronze partnership | $49/m

An innovative Facebook Community where practice owners have direct access to all key figures who operate a group practice, not to mention Live Q+As, and a monthly newsletter with free downloads!

Private Practice Help | Mindsight Partners

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