Your Practice Can Run Itself

We help you create systems and processes that allow you to save time and make more money.

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Systems Save Time

Create systems to use as a framework for your staff to follow.

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Processes Create Order

When we have order, our business becomes predictable.

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Automation is Amazing

Your business is easier to run, so you can live your life.

Your Business is Taking Too Much Time to Operate

You feel trapped. Your business always needs you. You deserve a practice that serves you. 

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Stress Happens When Your Systems Can't Keep Up

You started your business to do good things in this world. Don't let the stress of running the business get in the way.  Our systems and processes have helped hundreds of group practice owners make more money while working less. 

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Whether You Want Individual or Membership Support

We have a service that will meet your needs and alleviate the stress that comes along with being a group practice owner.  

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Our Membership Plans & Prices

Bronze Partner


Top features

  • 100s of Downloads
  • Quick Tutorials
  • Courses to Help Scale
  • Monthly Q&A w/ Experts
  • 10% off Consulting & VAs
  • Facebook Community

Silver Partner


Top features

  • All the Perks of Bronze PLUS+
  • Monthly Group Coaching w/ Kasey
  • Additional Courses
  • Even More Content Downloads

Gold Partner


Top features

  • All the Perks of Bronze & Silver PLUS+
  • Monthly Consulting Call w/ Kasey
  • 50% off ADDT'L Consulting Calls w/ Kasey
  • Discounts on all Services Offered
  • FREE Meet You in KY Ticket

Here's How it Works

We want to make this easy. Check out these three easy steps on how to get started. Want to bypass the membership start consulting with Kasey right now? Well, you can. 

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Talk to our Team to see what service is right for you!

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Put a plan in place on how to reach your goals.

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Start working with our team and let's help you create systems!

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A Group Practice Can Be Hard (Suck) to Operate

Which means your time is spent doing things you shouldn't have to do. 

(Keep reading to get your free PDF, 5 Signs Your Systems Suck!)


Read What Our Client's Are Saying

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"My biggest challenge has always been consistent growth & not having people to turn to with my ideas. I felt very scared & lonely in my endeavor to scale my practice. Having a team of experts in a variety of different areas is hugely helpful. If you are considering becoming a Mindsight Partner - just do it! It is worth the small cost. As my business continues to grow I'm excited to upgrade to the Gold partnership and really get some good one-on-one support. "

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"As a group practice owner your time is money and this group is at the top of their game. I would highly recommend any group practice owner to be apart of the community."

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"Before joining Mindsight Partners I really struggled with the hiring process. Talk about feeling bummed! I like that as a Bronze Partner I have support from a Human Resources professional to answer all of my questions & give me advice. The resources & response times within this community are excellent! This is the nicest group of knowledgeable people. "

Receive My FREE 5-step Plan for Killin' it During Corona.

It's working for us, it can work for you too.

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Certifications & Trainings

Kasey is diligent about continuing education. She recently spent three days in Nashville for a VIP StoryBrand workshop to learn how to create copy that converts. She also attended a small group (5 participants) workshop in Mike Michalowicz's office in NJ to learn two new concepts that he's currently teaching to select individuals. Those business owners will go back to their businesses, implement  the strategies, and Mike will follow them for one year to gather data for the book he's currently working on. What's even better, is there's a good chance the findings could be written into the book! Lastly, Kasey is a Fix This Next Certified Advisor. She choose this certification because it's already in  alignment with what she does in her own consulting! 

Kasey uses Fix This Next strategies in this membership community! 

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