Running a Practice Can Be Easier & More Profitable

In our Expert-Led Membership Program, we hand over our proven systems and processes and provide expert support so you can work less and make more money for an introductory price of $37.

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Systems Save Time

Create systems to use as a framework for your staff to follow.

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Processes Create Order

When we have order, our business becomes predictable.

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Automation is Amazing

Your business is easier to run, so you can live your life.

You're a Group Practice Owner Who Wants To Scale But Don't Want To Ditch Your Life To Do It.

You can't deny the evidence that your business always needs you. Constant questions from your team. Distractions every time you turn around.

You can't seem to catch a break.


It seems like the only way you can make more money is by spending more time working.

We believe you deserve a business that can run without you and serve you well. After all, you started your business so that you could spend your time on your terms and know your systems are bearing the brunt of the work- not you.

I Have Found a Solution That Will Help You Get Your Time Back

Hi! I'm Kasey Compton, and I am a therapist/entrepreneur who believes in helping others dominate through efficiency and order.

My group practice, Mindsight Behavioral Group, employs over 80 clinical providers, and because our systems are strong, it only takes five full-time support staff to operate the entire company. 

Since 2015 we were able to scale in a way that felt natural. We have grown million over million since year two because we were able to create systems and processes that made our jobs easier.

We worked hard to create protocols for every system in a group practice, allowing us the ability to take on more clients with no added pressure. 

We look for the easiest and most efficient ways to operate our business so that we can hand over our tools and tricks so you can run yours. 

There's no reason to re-invent the wheel when you can just use ours!

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Just A Few Podcasts We've Been Featured On!

Kasey is also a Certified Fix This Next Advisor and has a new book coming out in 2021! She and uses her own version methodology in her work and with her clients.

You Need A Program Willing To Hand Over All The Systems You Need To Scale

You deserve a business that runs itself and serves you well...So you can feel confident about your practice again. 

You started your business to do good things in this world. Don't let the stress of running the business get in the way.  Our systems and processes have helped hundreds of group practice owners make more money while working less. 

We have well-developed systems for all aspects of private and group practice. Whether your needs are related to office management, clinical work, billing, human resources, marketing, or ALL of the above, we've got you!

Don't try and reinvent the wheel. We already have what you need, just sign up and download it!

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Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Weren't Always Working IN Your Business

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It's time to stop sacrificing your life to... 

  • Search aimlessly for professionals to help you
  • Question if what you're doing is right
  • Waste money on things that don't work 
  • Reinvent the wheel
  • Waste time fixing the wrong thing

You can be the business owner you were meant to...

  • Be the one to watch in your area
  • Be the practice that impacts your economy
  • Be the practice to withstand the most capacity
  • Be positioned for opportunity and growth


The First + Only Expert-Led Membership Program (that we know of), Mindsight Partners.

My team and I have packaged up all of the most effective systems, processes, trainings, and downloads that have a proven track record of success and organized them in an easy platform.

Our Partners LOVE Our Program


Many have doubled or even tripled their gross revenue and massively increased their margins since working with us! Many have reached and surpassed their goal of having a MILLION DOLLAR PRACTICE. Others have systemized the shit out of their business and have earned the title of SYSTEMIZER!

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Cymbria Hess, Anderson Hills Psychotherapy

"Before joining Mindsight Partners I really struggled with the hiring process. Talk about feeling bummed! I like that as a Bronze Partner I have support from a Human Resources professional to answer all of my questions & give me advice. The resources & response times within this community are excellent! This is the nicest group of knowledgeable people. "

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Patrick Shultz, Milwaukee Counselor

"My biggest challenge has always been consistent growth & not having people to turn to with my ideas. I felt very scared & lonely in my endeavor to scale my practice. Having a team of experts in a variety of different areas is hugely helpful. If you are considering becoming a Mindsight Partner - just do it! It is worth the small cost. As my business continues to grow I'm excited to upgrade to the Gold partnership and really get some good one-on-one support. "

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Katie Englert, Compass Counseling

"My biggest challenge prior to joining Mindsight Partners was outsourcing and delegating to optimize growth. I always felt very behind and stressed. Now I have a place where I can ask direct questions and get answers that make a difference in my revenue and with my stress levels. If you are considering joining this community, start out with the basics and see how valuable each level is."

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Mindsight Partners is Different than ANY other Membership Program

In addition to all the amazing offerings above we always go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met. In the last twelve months we have added game-changing offerings for our partners and as a result have brought about LOTs of million-dollar practices! You can be next.

You are going to get EVERYTHING you need in order to dominate with simple, scalable, and streamlined systems.


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We are so confident that you will find tremendous value in what we're offering, we are giving you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee if you're not satisfied within 30 days!

We have said it a million times already but we have been where you are. We know how it feels to spend all your time in front of a computer screen and think there has to be a better way. 

That's why we are offering a money-back guarantee if you don't find incredible value in this program. 







When you sign up to be a Mindsight Partner, you not only get My Million Dollar Practice Map, but you get these two BONUSES below!


The Million Dollar Formula E-book

In The Million Dollar Formula I'll demonstrate the five core systems that can help you scale your practice

  • Learn how to set specific, measurable, and ATTAINABLE goals for your practice with my Million Dollar Practice Formula (a tiny bit of math is involved, but I’ll walk you through the entire process!)
  • Conquer your numbers and get your finances under control with my Bringing Home the Bacon Billing System.
  • Create an office management system that keeps the trains running smoothly without your constant attention.
  • Minimize your marketing budget, but maximize your impact with our secret community and digital marketing strategies.
  • Keep your clinicians up to date on regulations and requirements with consistent training while encouraging improvement and innovation.
  • Turn your employees into your company’s biggest fans with my Superfan Staffing System.

Take & Tweak Downloads

Hundreds of downloadable resources to help you level up your practice. Need an intake form… DONE!  Missing an on-boarding document… HERE IT IS!  Wish you had consistent hiring practices documents… WE’VE DONE IT FOR YOU!

This Take-and-Tweak Package alone is worth over $500 and you can have them all just for trying out our membership for one month.

As a group practice owner, you will go from feeling confused and scattered to confident and empowered. We offer the support you need from experts who run businesses just like yours, including all the resources you need to rock it!  

Is it your time to start loving your practice again?  Let us help you create the systems and processes that allow you to take back your time and grow your income.

Million Dollar Practice & Groom Your COO Track

We big goals for our future practice which means we need to be focused on our actions and deliberate in our approach now! With this new Opening of the Doors, you will gain FREE access to either one of these tracks. We will help you design a clear map for scaling that million-dollar practice or training your team to one day take over the operations! We will also offer all the support necessary along the way!

Here's How It Works...

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Pick the plan that's right for your business right now. Bronze, Silver or Gold, you can cancel or change your plan at any time!

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We have streamlined and simplified the checkout process for you. Once complete, you'll receive an email with next steps.

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Our Partners tell us that our Facebook Community is hands-down the BEST of any out there because of our high-touch environment.


Snag Your Membership + BONUS While It Lasts!

Here you'll find a quick + dirty outline of the offerings in each partnership level. There is a package out there for every group practice owner, regardless of your progress, type of practice, size, or revenue. On our Bronze monthly plan, you can cancel or change your plan at any time. Our Silver and Gold plans require a 12-month commitment so you can get the maximum value of the offer.

Bronze Partner


Special Offer - $37/first month

  • [BONUS] Million Dollar Formula Ebook
  • SUCCESS MAP w/ Paths
  • Million Dollar Practice Track
  • Groom Your COO Track FOR YOU & YOUR TEAM!
  • 100s of Downloads
  • Quick Tutorials
  • Courses to Help Scale
  • Monthly Office Hour w/ Experts FOR YOUR TEAM!
  • 10% off Consulting & VAs
  • Facebook Community

Silver Partner

$347/m for 12 months

12-month program | 3-payments of $1388

  • All the Perks of Bronze PLUS+
  • Monthly Small Group Coaching & Mastermind w/ Kasey
  • Additional Courses
  • Even More Content Downloads
  • Extra Discounts for Services & Programs
  • Swag Pack Mailed Right To Your Door ($100 Value)

Gold PartnerVIP

$747/m for 12 months

Designed for Regular Check-Ins & Maintainence

  • All the Perks of Bronze & Silver PLUS+
  • Roadmap to Meet Your Practice Goals (ideally for a 12 month plan)
  • BONUS: Fix This Next Mini-Course 
  • Monthly 1:1 Consulting Call w/ Kasey
  • 50% off ADDT'L Consulting Calls w/ Kasey
  • Discounts on all Services Offered

Our Partners LOVE our Program and our Experts!

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The Resident Genius

Jackie Jennings keeps our practice running with practice-in-a-glance dashboards, streamlined processes, and sarcastic comments.

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The Impact Engineer

Emily Hammons is the Marketing Coordinator but also our very own wordsmith extraordinaire! If we need something said right, we go to her for the answers. 

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The Manager of Expectations

BA Britany Burrus, formerly known as Bubbly Britany, is the queen of Human Resources. She keeps us all on task and manages expectations.

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The Director of Da Detail

Have questions about anything Office Management related, Anita Kiser, is sure to have the answers since she's worked all front office positions.

Our Experts Are NOT Just For Show!

They work in the day-to-day of running a successful group practice EVERY DAY! When we say they know what's up, it's because they are working on it constantly. Through experience, trial and error, and pure grit, they've come up with content, dashboards, ideas, and insights. And now they're passing all that wisdom off to you!

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The Coordinator of Client Care

Samantha Moore is a genius when it comes to caring for people. She's made it her mission to make sure every client she speaks to feels cared for. She offers insights and inside trade secrets of the Client Care world!

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The SOCIALizer

Olivia Gilpin is revitalizing the social media game. Creating content that gains new followers, captivates the core audience, and routes people back to your website. She is also our most-requested Content Creator VA!

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The Culture Cultivator

Tara Vossenkemper is our favorite culture creator and captain of the Fix This Next for Healthcare Ship. She is constantly looking for ways to improve the culture at her practice and teach others to do the same!

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Profit First Talk & Accounting

Julie Herres of Green Oak Accounting is nothing new in the Group Practice world, and definitely not to Accounting! She shows up in the membership monthly to teach valuable money-management skills!

Receive My FREE Million Dollar Practice Map.

If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there. Save time and money by going down the right path.

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