No-Holds-Barred Support For Your Group Practice

You're a badass group practice owner but you know you can't do it all yourself. You need support to reach your desired revenue and lifestyle goals. We have just the thing!

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Your Practice Is Doing OKAY...
But You Know It Could Be GREAT.

Your practice is doing okay but you know it could be incredible if you just had more — more coaching, more direction, more accountability, more support. Everything has worked up until now but you have started to see that without strategic planning your capacity for growth will be limited.

Rapid Growth & Scaling

Silver is built for practice owners who want to make big moves in their practice and are looking for hands-on support and accountability to make it happen.

Silver members are opening a new location, growing their teams, expanding their revenue streams, or dipping a toe into something brand new!

Most of our members see incredible results within 12 months.

When you sign up as a Silver Partner, you are assigned a Coaching Group that is aligned with your needs and goals. This group becomes your biggest cheerleaders, accountability partners, and the people you go to when you need someone who "gets it." With no more than 5-6 people in each group, your questions are answered and needs are met in every session.

We will help you lay out your plan, then chart the course to reach your destination. The level of accountability you receive in these monthly calls is just what you need to keep going, even when you run up against roadblocks and detours. In fact, most of our Silver members reach their scaling goals within 12 months.

If you're ready to confidently take your business to the next level, partner with us!

The 12-Month Commitment

There was a time where Silver Parters were on a month-to-month status, like Bronze. We made this change and required all new Silver Partners to commit to a 12-month progress for one big reason. We know we can help you reach any practice goal you have, we just need the time to do it, and do it right. Sure, we can help you hire five more therapists so you can achieve 5x the revenue, but if those therapists come in on a weak foundation, you're systems will crash and burn. We know what it takes to scale a practice to $1M and beyond, and we want to help you get there the right way.







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Sara Makin

I was working 70+ hours a week and felt like no matter how hard or how much I worked that nothing was getting accomplished. I started private & group consulting with Kasey and the results have been amazing. We first cleaned up our systems and processes, and not only did this lift a burden for my team, but our clients benefitted from this as well!

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For DYIers & Tryer-Outers.

  • 100s of Downloads and Tutorials
  • Courses to Help Scale
  • Monthly Office Hour w/ Experts
  • 10% off Consulting
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Silver Partner

3 Payments of $1388

For Rapid Growth & Scaling

  • All the Perks of Bronze PLUS+
  • Monthly Small Group Coaching & Mastermind w/ Kasey
  • Additional Courses
  • Accountability
  • Even More Content Downloads
  • Extra Discounts for Services & Programs
  • A year's worth of results!
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3 Payments of $2739

Complete Customization

  • All the Perks of Silver PLUS+
  • Monthly Individual Coaching w/ Kasey
  • Monthly Individual Coaching w/ Team Mindsight
  • Monthly Group Coaching
  • FTN QuickStart Program
  • Meet You in KY Base Ticket
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