Are you ready to make big moves in your practice?

16 Working Hours
2 Intense Days
1 Celebratory Dinner

Apply for the Anti-Retreat

Are you ready to make big moves in your practice?

16 Working Hours
2 Intense Days
1 Celebratory Dinner

Apply for the Anti-Retreat

What our clients are saying...

"The entire team was really amazing! Kasey, Kelsey, Jackie, Emily, Julie, everyone! Each of you in your roles were helpful and could meet each of us in our different needs. This felt effective and great to me because none of the groups needed the exact same thing and how you broke us out individually to find that need was so helpful. We have utilized Jackie and Kelsey post Anti-Retreat and both have been kind, helpful and amazing in teaching and guidance. I was freaking exhausted by the end, but I would do it again and recommend it to practices looking to level up.”

Kory Ann Rogers,
October 2023 Anti-Retreat

“Before the Anti-Retreat, my hiring and retention practices were mess. I was losing money on turnover, bad hires, and having undefined goals. The Anti-Retreat changed my business in 2 days. It was really focused on my business issues, and the feedback I got was invaluable. Kasey and Kelsey were so generous with their resources and time, and they both were very patient. There was no "selling" you, only help for the issues you came to address. Now we have more defined roles, goals, and a defined hiring funnel. I have added a few other positions, and I have a road map to move us forward!

Euronda Travis,
January 2024 Anti-Retreat

"The Anti-Retreat was absolutely what I needed. I wasn't sure if it was going to be worth it for me but it was every single bit, and I wish I could have attended sooner. The biggest challenge was accepting that I needed to relinquish, streamline, and take some risks. Biggest win - I'm doing it! Just thank you so much. I know it may sound cheesy but all of your time and energy truly has made such a significant difference in my life. I am genuinely touched by all your efforts to help me me create the vision I have for my group practice. Your help has been invaluable to me.

Dusti Powell,
October 2023 Anti-Retreat

Introducting the Anti-Retreat

  • Two INTENSE Days of work at our brand spankin' new office in Louisville, Ky
  • 1:1 coaching with me and my team throughout the two days
  • Plenty of time to process, put your butt in a chair, and DO THE WORK
  • You'll leave with problems solved and a plan in hand.
  • Feedback and suggestions from a comprehensive practice analysis
  • Two hours to decompress at the end. I promise only drinks, dinner (on me), and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Is the Anti-Retreat For Me?

Great Question! If you can answer "Yes!" to three or more of these questions, the Anti-Retreat is probably a good fit for you.

  • You're a healthcare practice owner (of any kind, shape, or size) who has a big goal.
  • You can't wait an entire year to see results.
  • You aren't necessarily interested in all the fun things, you just want to get things done.
  • Your systems are hairy but you're putting out fires on the daily and don't have time to sit down and quietly systemize your intake process.
  • You have an idea of where you want to go but are struggling to understand the implementable steps to get there.
  • Your numbers look like Greek, Latin, or maybe even Pig-Latin, and you have no idea what they're telling you.
  • You need some projections, like real numbers, real plan, real, real, real business stuff.
  • You need confidence to make then next move.
  • You want a "whole-practice" approach and everything else you've looked at is just marketing, just goal setting, just hiring... you get the picture.

How Does It Work?

  1. Apply Online — pay the $500 refundable application fee (it goes toward the price if you're selected, and back in your pocket book if you're not) and fill out the initial application
  2. Get Reviewed and Hopefully Accepted the application is important because we can only select folks that we KNOW we can make a huge impact in their plan/vision/practice in two days. When you're accepted, you'll pay the remainder of your invoice - $5000 if you pay in full
  3. Analyze Your Practice — We'll send you an in-depth practice analysis to help you sort out your $#it and give us all the relevant information we need to help you.
  4. Attend the Anti-Retreat work your arse off and watch your practice transform!
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Meet Our Anti-Retreat Team

Kasey Compton

This is a little about Kasey's skills and how she can help your practice


  • A system evaluator
  • Numbers neurotic
  • Efficiency expert
  • Visionary viola


  • 20+ Hours of Kasey's Time
  • 1:1 Consulting
  • Kasey's expert analysis of your practice analysis

Jackie Van Noy

This is a little about Jackie's skills and how she can help your practice


  • Spreadsheet Freak
  • Dashboard Diva
  • Financially Feisty
  • A Sticker Lover


  • 20+ Hours of Jackie's Time
  • 1:1 Consulting
  • At least 3 Fucks and an awesome playlist

Kelsey Blaha

This is a little about Kelsey's skills and how she can help your practice


  • Training Tycoon
  • Onboarding Optimizer
  • Culture Curator
  • The Period Police


  • 20+ Hours of Kelsey's Time
  • 1:1 Consulting
  • Kelsey's awesome insight and a good time
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Let's Talk Travel


The choices are unlimited. We'll be spending our days at 11902 Brinley Ave in Louisville, so we'd recommend picking a place nearby. 


We recommend arriving on Wednesday with plenty of time to rest up and prepare for Thursday and Friday.

If you choose to fly, you'll want to fly into Louisville Airport (SDF) and Uber/Lift to your hotel.


We'll finish up work at 5pm on Friday, followed by a celebratory and relaxing dinner on us. We recommend planning to fly out on Saturday morning.