Omni Hotel | Louisville, KY | May 22-24, 2024




MAY 22-24, 2024


Bring Your Team Into Alignment. 

Whether you're running a small group practice or a hospital conglomerate, the truth is that you can't do it alone!

To create the kind of impact you want, to serve all the people who need you, to take the kind of breaks you need to do all of this well — you need an incredible team. You need groups of people who can keep things running while you step away. Amazing Admins and Legendary Leadership make your practice better.

But HOW do you get amazing admins and legendary leadership teams?

This is just ONE of the key questions we'll be answering at Meet You In Kentucky 2024! Bring yourself, your questions, and YOUR TEAMS to Louisville, Ky and get the answers you need!

Highlights from MYIK 2023!



Brittany Childress

I felt so inspired to push positive change in my practice when I came back from MYIK. It was so much fun to push the limits of what I knew, and expand my mindset into what could be. This conference was easily the best investment I have made in private practice.


Mandy Friedman

I am so glad I found out about the conference. I gained so much! I can't wait to come back next year. As we were listening to stories the speakers were sharing, I was thinking about my own growing pains and I felt like I was not alone in the struggles I face...THANK YOU SO MUCH for an excellent experience!! You guys knocked it out of the park. See you next year!

Nicole Brewer

I freaking loved Meet You In Kentucky! Like I literally can’t even tell you how fun and refreshing it was to my soul!




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Get yourself to Kentucky!

  • Access to the conference, including workshops and presentations for marketing, scaling, systems, and hiring

  • All the content: processes, downloads, outlines and samples, and tons of bonuses

  • Invitation to the Meet & Greet where you can mingle and network 

  • Swag Pack full of goodies

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VIP Ticket


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  • Every wonderful thing included with the Base and Team Mindsight Ticket, AND...
  • A special invitation to come in a day early and experience the fun and excitement of the Bluegrass State!
  • Special Swag from our favorite KY shops
  • 1:1 50 min laser coaching session
  • Dinner with the speakers and priority seating

Keynote & Speakers

Kasey Compton, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Topic: The Three C's of Practice: Why the Company, the Clinician, and the Client Must Be In Alignment for Sustainable Growth


Dr. Dawn Heiman, Owner of The Hearing Studio, president of the ADA

Topic: Hearing Loss: An Untapped Marketing Opportunity


Julie Herres,
Owner of GreenOak Accouting, author of Profit First for Therapists

Topic: Unlocking Your Exit Strategy: A Financial Guide for Private Practice Owners

Joshua Brummel,
Co-Founder of TherapyFlow

Topic: The Power Of One Thing - using simplicity instead of hustle to grow your business


Shaun & Colleen Wenner,
Owners of New Heights Counseling & Consulting

Topic: Building or Battling? How to Thrive as Partners Growing Your Practice

Jessica Tappana, Owner of Simplified SEO Consulting and Aspire Counseling

Topic: Managing Remote Teams


Lisa Marie Robinson, The Sassy Wealth Coach

Topic: From Frustration to Financial Freedom: Unlocking the Secrets of Money Management


Christy Pennison & Stephanie Korpal, Founders of The Practice Collab

Topic: Meaningful Collaboration for Thriving Group Practice Ownership


Kelly Lynch,
Owner of Turning Point Wellness and the GRIIT Program

Topic: Grace, Gratitude, and GRIIT: Building a company culture of compassion, excitement, and determination

Nate Hendrikse,
Owner of Navigator Bookkeeping 

Topic: Find Your Financial Story, Ramp Up Your Profitability



David Frank,
Owner of Turning Point Financial Planning 

Topic: Investing Demystified




Traci Pirri,
Owner of Hope For the Journey

Topic: The Surprising Connection between an EMDR-based Training Funnel and Clinician Retention

Kelly Lynch,
Owner of Turning Point Wellness and the GRIIT Program

Topic: POWER Problem Solving

Rachel Bentley,
Owner of COR Counseling

Topic: We All Have Parts: Teaching Your Team To Be Self-Led

Tara Vossenkemper, Owner of The Counseling Hub

Topic: Does Your Culture Suck? Habits, Feedback, and Systems for Creating and Maintaining an Exceptional Practice Culture

Lisa Duez,
Owner of Turning Point Counseling & One Path Consulting

Topic: Leading by Being: The Art of Authentic Leadership

Kelsey Blaha,
Clinical Onboarding Coordinator, Mindsight Behavioral Group

Topic: Beyond the First 90 Days 


Rachel Harrison & Katie Honeywell, Trauma Specialists of MD, DE, and PA

Topic: Detox Your Team with a Value Based Approach


Brent Stutzman,
Owner of Brand Your Practice

Topic: How To Create A Powerful Sales Funnel For Your Practice


Joshua Brummel,
Co-Founder of TherapyFlow

Topic: Holistic Sales & The Sales Systems Needed To Scale A Cash Pay Practice

Lindsey Meekins & Sarah Martin, Trauma Specialists of MD, DE, and PA

Topic: Becoming Trauma Informed for Admin Staff


Berit Elizabeth,
Founder & CEO of Practice Axis

Topic: How to Optimize your Intake Team to Increase Revenue and Decrease Waitlists

Dawn Gabriel, Owner of Authentic Connections Counseling & Soul Care for Therapists

Topic: Navigating the Journey: The Essential Role of an Client Care Coordinator


I'm Kasey Compton.


I'm on a mission to help business owners find their entrepreneurial confidence. I went from bankrupt to Boss Babe when I took her practice from zero to three million in less than three years without ditching my life to do it. I now own three other businesses that have accumulated assets of over two million and are growing by the day.

My superpowers include cutting through the clutter to identify a strategic starting point, increasing efficiency through systems, and tapping into a person’s highest potential. I help others by designing maps for their entrepreneurial journeys and putting those maps into easily digestible formats, like the Meet You In Kentucky conference!

Read my story


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Appletree Billing & Credentialing is a privately owned family run business. Their combined experience and unique market perspective have enabled them to provide creative and proprietary solutions which are now delivering outstanding results for their clients. If you are seeking a billing and credentialing partner who understands the challenges facing your practice, you won’t find a better solution! 


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GreenOak Accounting

At GreenOak Accounting, we're a team of accountants, tax professionals and bookkeepers that specialize in helping private practice owners. We have worked with hundreds of clients throughout the United States to help them reach their financial goals. Our team can help you gain a better understanding of your business finances, so you can focus on what matters most—your clients.




Navigator Bookkeeping

Navigator Bookkeeping exists to help group practice owners find their full financial story and eliminate any financial blind spots they have. Understanding their full financial story allows practice owners to move towards financial profitability, financial predictability, & financial agility.

Navigator Bookkeeping provides this financial story through monthly consultative meetings where questions are answered, business goals are set, and support is offered to best allow practice owners and their practices to thrive and move towards more optimal and positive profit and cash flow each month.

Practice Axis

Practice Axis is a HIPAA compliant CRM tailored to mental health therapists that enables data-driven growth and saves care coordinators an average of 10 hrs per week so that clients sit on waitlists for less time.

Turning Point Planning

Turning Point Financial Life Planning helps therapists navigate every element of their financial lives: from understanding your practice P&L and building a personal budget to managing student loan debt and investing for retirement... and everything in between. 

Productive Therapist 

Productive Therapist helps therapists in private practice get more done, so they can have more fun. We provide world-class virtual assistant services to handle your phones, scheduling, general admin tasks and more. We also offer training and coaching to help group practice owners and their admin staff level up.


There’s no need to waste any more time and energy trying to figure out how to make yourself stand out, build a dang website, or scratching your head over why the heck you’re not booking more clients.

Welcome to our little corner of the internet, i.e. a better use of your time so you can get back to what really matters: supporting and working with your clients.


Private Practice Elevation

Private Practice Elevation helps busy private practice owners attract more ideal clients so they can scale their businesses and create the life they love. Through custom website design and development that elevates your brand, SEO services that help your clients find you, and WordPress support plans that take website tasks off your plate, Private Practice Elevation can help you improve your online presence so that you can focus on serving your clients and growing your business.

Rachel Bentley Consulting

Rachel Bentley, MA LPC is a Group Practice Owner and a Private Practice Consultant. Rachel built and currently runs a practice of 35+ therapists and is now hired by busy practice owners when they get stuck OR when they do not have time to figure everything out on their own. Together, Rachel and her clients prioritize and create a clear, concise plan for growth so that practice owners build a practice they LOVE: one that is profitable, makes a significant difference to others and doesn’t mandate working around the clock.Rachel especially loves supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

SC Counseling Center

SC Counseling Center is a woman-owned and Black-owned business. We help guide clients that have hit a tough time in life to build purpose, pursue goals, and gain healing. We have gained much knowledge in providing the tools and skills in guiding couples, teens, and individuals to work through the struggles they face day to day and from their past.







Therapy Flow unlocks the door to simple, sustainable client acquisition. Last year, the Therapy Flow team worked with over 200 practices in their flagship program, using their 7-figure practice flow. This flow gives group practices step-by-step systems for their marketing, sales, and recruitment as they scale to 7-figures and beyond.








Our powerful, HIPAA-compliant software helps to organize new client appointment requests using website forms, automation, and messaging, allowing you to instantly connect and qualify new clients. You can easily manage waitlists and track every step in your intake process with real-time analytics. With our custom website forms, HIPAA-compliant automated text messaging and emails, visual pipeline, and contact database, connecting and scheduling potential clients has never been easier.





The PsychCraft Network of Podcasts

The PsychCraft Network are podcasts that cover both the business sides of running a private practice for mental and allied health providers. We also address issues related to the clinical side of mental health, self-help, and self-improvement. The network also has shows that are more client facing on topics dealing with mental health and self-improvement. Currently we have 16 different podcasts that are part of the network, and we are growing! We also assist people in starting their own podcast as a way to reach a larger audience. We provide coaching and support for those folks that want to learn how to monetize their podcasts through sponsorships and affiliate relationships.

Shrink Think

Are you looking to enhance your client-therapist relationships and streamline your practice? Look no further than Shrink Think, a cutting-edge suite of digital resources created by therapists for therapists.

Our platform offers three comprehensive educational video modules: (1) orienting new clients to therapy, (2) orienting couples to couples counseling, and (3) onboarding new clinicians to private practice. With Shrink Think, you can effortlessly guide your clients toward successful therapeutic breakthroughs and provide a seamless onboarding experience for new clinicians in your practice. It's time to transform your practice and elevate your client relationships with Shrink Think.

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