How to Guide on Therapy & Therapists

Episode #2

How do you know if you need therapy? And also how do you know when a therapist is working for you - or not? On this episode, Caitlin explores what indicates now might be the right time to pursue therapy, and if you do pursue therapy, how to tell if you'd found a good fit for your clinical needs.

Checklist - Could Therapy Be Helpful For You?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Has your quality of life decreased?
  • Have your relationships, job, or school been negatively impacted?
  • Do your emotions feel all over the place?
  • Do you feel hopeless?
  • Do you feel anxious to the point where those thoughts and feelings take up a large part of your day?
  • Are you withdrawn or isolated from others?

After having your first session or two, it’s important to think about the following questions:

  • Did you feel confident that your therapist understood and cared about what you were saying?
  • Did their insight or guidance resonate with you?
  • Did you feel like you were being judged?
  • Did you feel like you were able to relate to them? Did it feel too clinical?


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