Talk Therapy To Me

Talk Therapy To Me

Hosted by: Austin Moore

You don’t have to be in a crisis to start exploring your mental health — join Austin Moore, a licensed therapist, on Talk Therapy To Me to learn how to improve your self-awareness, practice self-care, and meet your...


Let's Talk About Valentine's Day

Season #2 Episode #24

In this episode meet our new host, Austin Moore, LPCA. Austin is going to be discussing where the podcast is heading and a little bit about Valentine’s Day and how to handle the holiday if you are struggling. Did you...
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Let's Talk About Romeo and Juliet

Season #2 Episode #25

This week's exploration into the world of Romeo and Juliet provides a unique perspective as we delve into the intricate layers of their relationship through the lens of mental health. Austin's analysis scrutinizes the...
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Let's Chat

Season #2 Episode #26

This week join Austin as he sits down and chats with you about life and mental health. Grab a snack and get comfy!
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Let's Talk About Trauma

Season #2 Episode #27

Let's Talk About Trauma- Austin Moore sits down and discusses the top of trauma and the negative stigma surrounding mental health. 
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Let's Talk About The Dynamics of Parent-kid Relationships in Therapy

Season #2 Episode #28

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Let's Talk to Amanda Amsden, PsyD, HSP

Season #2 Episode #29

Amanda received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Spalding University in 2021 and is a licensed psychologist in the state of Kentucky. She has worked with children, adolescents, and their families in a...
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Let's Talk About Self-Care

Season #2 Episode #30

This week Austin talks about the change in seasons and how this may come with a change in mentality/mood especially in regards to seasonal affective disorder. Also exploring the complexities of what self-care is, what...
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Let's Talk About Child Stardom

Season #2 Episode #31

Contains subjects that may be sensitive to some listeners.
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Let's Talk About Therapy-Speech: How it can be used for emotional and mental manipulation.

Season #2 Episode #32

Austin Moore addresses the ongoing Ruby Franke child abuse case and the Jonah Hill story from a few years back, in which both utilized therapy terms and concepts as a way to justify emotional and mental abuse, which...
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Let's Talk with Laura Cooper, LCSW, RYT, MSSW, TCADC

Season #2 Episode #33

This week Austin talks with Laura Cooper, LCSW, RYT, MSSW, TCADC, about her journey of discovering her therapeutic niche in integrating trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness-based cognitive approaches to her treatment...
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Let's Talk About Mother's Day

Season #2 Episode #34

This week let's spend some time discussing mother's day and the difficulties that may come with it for people who are experiencing grief of a mother or maternal figure who has passed away or people who may have a...
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Mental Health Awareness

Episode #1

So. Many. People face the reality of living with mental illness on a daily basis. It’s important to talk about these things because it helps raise awareness. This awareness allows us to fight stigma, provide support,...
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