Side Note: Flooding In Eastern Kentucky and Collective Trauma

Episode #6

As of this past week, the death toll from the flooding in eastern Kentucky has reached 37 and dozens of people are still missing, which is utterly devastating. There have been search and rescue teams, but due to the collapsed bridges and overall chaos, it’s been a slower process.

Hundreds of people have been displaced due to this flooding. While it may not directly affect you, there’s a sort of shock and despair that settles in when we witness the tragedy of what others are experiencing.

That leads us into the conversation of what we can do about it.

Overall, there are some other groups that are helping who would benefit from donations if you are not local to the area.

  • The Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund - started by Governor Beshear on - has already raised over $684,000.
  • The Red Cross in Kentucky is another option as they have set up a shelter in Hazard, Kentucky. Their fundraiser can be found on
  • Appalachians for Appalachia, has created a Google Doc for organizations such as schools and churches that are providing shelter.
  • Save the Children is now accepting donations to its 2022 Eastern Kentucky Flood Crisis Fund.
  • The ARH Foundation Flood Relief Fund is accepting monetary and material donations.
  • The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky, a nonprofit community group in Hazard, Kentucky, is accepting donations through its Appalachian Crisis Aid Fund.
  • The Kentucky Department of Agriculture is accepting donated goods in Frankfort, Kentucky, through Aug. 5, with bottled water, toiletries and non-perishable items taking top priority.
  • GoFundMe has set up an overarching Summer Storms Relief Fund 2022 to donate to victims of the flooding in St. Louis and Kentucky.

We encourage you to give what you can when you can. After all, it may not be your family on the other end of this, but as Governor Beshear likes to say, "We're all in this together."

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